Is a girl a woman?

Just asking because I am very confused. Why? Let me explain. Looking at the news headlines in some newspapers and the posts on Facebook pages it would appear that F1 (Liberty Media) and The Professional Darts Corporation have been employing women as Walk on Girls to ‘promote’ their sports.

Now what I don’t understand is that since, according to most dictionaries (I’ve checked) a girl is a child, and Walk on Girls are most definitely women, why are they being called girls? And really is it really just sports they are promoting?

Or am I just being a silly 70 year old girlie, after all the Mail, Sun and Express point out that these activities do no harm and provide some women with a good income and actually isn’t it just the kind of role model ‘girl’ children need 100 years after ‘some’ women got the vote. And of course women being called girls and parading around looking sexy has nothing to do with them not being paid equally with men at the BBC, Birmingham Council or Tesco (allegedly) or being asked to pole dance and wear swim suits at the ICE Total Gambling conference

Jackie Stewart thinks the idea that Walk on girls puts girls off from becoming F1 drivers is ‘baloney’. He points out that ‘actually young women are not going to karting tracks…which is what all the boys do’ and that this is what gets boys into racing! (Well maybe if the karts were pink, Jackie) and that the Walk On Girls ‘…..of this generation are not overly provocative’, (so just ‘a bit’ provocative then)? Damon Hill however, whilst agreeing elsewhere with Jackie also raises a rather different point ‘… (the use of Walk on Girls) suggests victorious men can available themselves of the girls on display, which is a subliminal message which has always been difficult to avoid’. But not to worry, since the girls are ‘a bit’ provocative it will of course be their fault if anything happens .

So let’s be clear, a girl is a child, and a child can’t legally have sex, get married, vote, can’t do much without parental consent up to the age of 16 when they become a young adult. Women however if they want, can do all these things. So how very strange, that it has taken years of campaigning by hairy, bra less ugly wimmin to actually point this out so that finally men can point out to all of us, that actually women are not girls and the use of Walk on Girls is sexist and demeaning and the calling of women, girls is ‘at odds with modern day societal norms’
So congratulations to the F1 and Darts bosses, you are quite right, Walk on Girls- it’s all a bit passé in 2018 isn’t it.

After all, with FGM, grooming by gangs, sexual abuse by fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles and stepfathers, sexual abuse in the church, in sport etc. we probably don’t need to sexualise ‘girls’ any further than they already are, do we?

With Thanks to the following sources: Independent 27th January, Mailonline 31st January, 5th February, The Guardian 8th February

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