Magna Carta – UK Constitution – What?

Has the time come for a UK constitution or are going to continue kidding ourselves Magna Carta (“the Great Charter of the Liberties” 15th June 1215) solved our problems for all time.

Now recently reinforced by a high court ruling sovereignty is vested in parliament. In recent times parliament formed by all major parties has demonstrated their inability to be trusted because of manipulation of expenses, employment of family and other dishonest practices including being truthful in inquiries. Despite these failings they are encouraged by sanctions and threatened to be disciplined by party whips who have the power to destroy parliamentary careers.

The public who pay for everything that parliament succeeds or fails with are the true custodians of democracy and, yet they do not possess the tool of sovereignty. This is unacceptable in a modern democracy which the UK certainly aspires to be.

The UK monarchy would be affected moderately by these changes one effect may be to change the national anthem possibly to “Land Of hope and Glory”, more appropriate for a modern dynamic democracy more appropriate to peoples’ aspirations. A written constitution binds its parliament to act in a certain way, but as there is no such written constitution in the United Kingdom it does what it likes.

In such environments the elite element of society invests in their own interests irrespective of political party and democracy and the public loose out.

A written constitution could also remove archaic practices in lobbying, expense, salary, pensions

and introduce recall of MP’s and councillors and public office holders. It could also reform the House of Lords into a democratically accountable body with similar controls.

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