Tameside, the costs add up as receivers take-over

A source close to the levers of power at Tameside Council has told Northern Voices that ‘it’s a right mess’ in Tameside, since Carillion, a partner to Tameside MBC, suffered the indignity of falling into the hands of the receivers.

This contrasts with the official line put out by the Labour council that it’s ‘Business as usual’ and the crazy claim that Carillion are ‘carrying on as normal’ after the company imploded.

‘Normal business’ at Carillion with the company in receivership? This takes some believing in the present climate.

Up to last week there were 16 sub-contractors working on ‘Vision Tameside’ services employed by Carillion.

Northern Voices has had its spies watching the Carillion site in Ashton-under-Lyne town centre, and there’s very little movement to be seen. When NV tried to talk to a security guard he turned tail and ran.

If Tameside council or any of its ‘servants’ have occasion to want some advice from the receivers, Price Waterhouse Cooper, or make contact in any way, the council must pay a considerable fee for this privilege..

Last week, when the Tory Councillor John Bell asked ‘Did Carillion give value for money?’, he answered his own question by saying: ‘Well we’ll never know, because there has been no oversight or proper scrutiny’.

Yet in September 2011, Councillor David Sweeton, executive member for business and community, said: If we transfer workers and services to Carillion,’ this will ” protect jobs, services, and cut costs’ ..

Tameside MBC has made similar promises before. In the 1990s Tameside Council outsourced all their old peoples’ homes to Tameside Enterprises Ltd (TEL) originally formed in 1985 to provide local housing. In 1993 the company running the homes (TEL) went bust due to financial mismanagement owing £2.2m in debts. TMBC renegued on its promises to the care workers that they would be redeployed by TMBC if TEL went bust.

Tameside Council’s Mantra is ‘Vision Tameside’, but if this is ‘vision’ then perhaps, we should humbly suggest, they should go to ‘Spec Savers’.

In all this mess the one thing is clear, Councillor Kieran Quinn’s sense of timing in popping his cloggs last Christmas, was perfect.

Reproduced with kind permission of Northern Voices http://www.northernvoicesmag.blogspot.com

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