The Grasshopper Mind

A modern curse by no means, with roots in times past and a rebirth in the austerity of modern times particularly, but not solely in politics. The Grasshopper Mind unable to concentrate on any single subject for long and is quick to leap from one place to another with very little thought process in between.

Naïve grasshopper and indecisive minds never knowing exactly when to stop chirping it suits politicians who never seem to tire of pontification without achieving something . . . . . anything other than a mess and of course a considerable salary and let’s not forget expenses.

The problem of course is the absence of common sense, not a strong suite at Oxford or Cambridge teaching it is decidedly poor. This together with lack of job experience or any real-world skills means that the Blue Bloods of yesteryear will have descendants in a safe job with minimal responsibility just like days of old.

The civil service meantime preserves lots of little personal empires with a plethora of knighthoods for doing so and advising politicians of all parties what not to say publicly and protect their parties manifesto making sure that the changing of the political guard at general election time is controlled and orderly.

2018, a year we need to focus our minds and dispose of Grasshopper Mind thinking by planning realistic aims and goals to achieve, how radical is that? Where and when was the last time that happened? Set a goal for real change to benefit the people and country call a spade a spade and succeed.

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